Where to find carrots in Fallout 76

These carrots aren’t good for your eyes.

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You can find many vegetables throughout the wastelands of Fallout 76 like potatoes, tomatoes, tarberries, and carrots. Carrots are a staple ingredient in many recipes that can be crafted in the game. Unfortunately, they aren’t that easy to find. While carrots don’t offer much by themselves, add them to a stew and you have a recipe to boost your damage resistance. Just don’t rely on them to boost your eyesight too much.

Carrot locations in Fallout 76

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There aren’t that many areas where you can find carrots growing in Appalachia. This is surprising because of how much greenery there is in areas like the Forest region. Luckily, once you find some carrots, you can grow them in your camp so you always have a supply of them. Check the following areas for carrots:

  • Groves Family Cabin – In the garden next to the cabins
  • Wixon Homestead – Behind the house in the garden
  • Raliegh Clay’s Bunker – Growing in a planter in the bunker
  • Yellow Sandy’s Still & Autumn Acre Cabin – A group of carrots can be found growing between the two areas

In total, you will find around 15 carrots growing in the wild between all of these areas. You can get more of them if you equip the right perk cards as well. Equip the Green Thumb perk card to get double the amount of carrots from your harvest. You can plant carrots in your camp by planting them in the ground or in a planter box foundation. You will need carrots and fertilizer to plant them in your camp.

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What are carrots used for?

Carrots are used to craft different foods that will grant you bonuses for your journey around the wasteland. The following recipes require carrots to craft them:

  • Carrot Soup
  • Chally’s Feed
  • Mutton Meat Pie
  • Orange Mentats
  • Vegetable Medley Soup

Depending on what bonuses you want, each of these recipes can help. Use the Mutton Meat Pie recipe if you want to increase your melee damage or the Vegetable Medley recipe if you want to increase your damage resistance. Remember, while standard carrots will replenish your health and fill your food meter, it is better to use them for recipes to get the full benefit.