How to make Sweetmelon Salad in Tower of Fantasy

Some fresh fruity salad is always a great idea, especially in a hot desert.

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Tower of Fantasy has many amazing mechanics, one of which is cooking. You can make many great food items that will help you with various situations, whether getting a quick boost or increasing damage. Sweetmelon Salad is one of the Vera map food items that can help you build resistance against fire damage, making it a worthy food item to get your hands on. It’s relatively easy to get Sweetmelon Salad since when you are on the Vera map, you can quickly get its ingredients, but getting its recipe might be challenging. Here is how to get the Sweetmelon Salad recipe and where to get its ingredients in Tower of Fantasy.

Sweetmelon Salad recipe

Sweetmelon Salad is a handy recipe that you can use to get a quick boost against firey enemies. Consuming it increases your flame damage resistance by 10% and 170 points for 900 seconds. Additionally, it regenerates 10 satiety points, making it a great food item in challenging situations. Cooking the Sweetmelon Salad is easy as you only need two simple ingredients and its recipe. Here are the ingredients you need to make Sweetmelon Salad:

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How to get the Sweetmelon Salad recipe

You can not make Sweetmelon Salad without its recipe, but you can easily get it. Go to any cooking bot and select creation from its menu. In the creation tab, put Sweetmelon Salad ingredients until you get a 90 to 100% success rate. After that, hit create, and the bot will give you the recipe for Sweetmelon Salad.

Where to gather Sweetmelon Salad ingredients

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You only need two ingredients for Sweetmelon Salad, and one of them is only found in the Vera map. Go to the Sandstorm area on the Vera map to get desert melons. You will easily spot tons of them in the open fields when you are there. Lastly, you can purchase salad dressing from any food vendor in Tower of Fantasy.