Where to get Rose Petals in Tower of Fantasy

While we can’t recommend eating flowers, these Rose Petals have their uses.

Image via Level Infinite

You may not think of raw Rose Petals as an ideal source of food, but as ingredients in Tower of Fantasy, they can be used to cook a variety of high-tier dishes. From endurance-boosting and high-healing Rose Tea to a Rose Bread meal that increases your resistance to volt attacks, gathering these petals can prove to be very beneficial. However, as they only grow in particular spots and in very small amounts, tracking them down can prove difficult.

Where to find Rose Petals

Image via HoYoLab

While real-life roses tend to grow in naturally warmer climates, the roses in Tower of Fantasy can only be found in desert areas. No such deserts exist on Aesperia, meaning that you’ll need to look for these Rose Petals elsewhere.

The planet of Vera is mostly arid, with the dunes of the Gobby Desert virtually spanning its entire surface. Roses differ from other foraged plants in this desert in that, rather than depending on Vera’s scattered oases for irrigation, they are hardy enough to pop up virtually anywhere in the desert wastes. Despite this, not many roses can be found growing in the desert at any given time.

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The mountains to Vera’s northeast present the most possible spawns for Rose Petals, with a total of eight rose plants growing in the wilderness surrounding the Evil’s Clutch Oasis. Two of these roses can be found as north as Billows Valley. Alternatively, two final roses grow on the outskirts of two unmarked oases to the northeast and southeast of Mirroria, totaling 10 rose plants.

Rose Petals, the Gobby Desert, and Vera have all yet to go live on current versions of Tower of Fantasy. However, they are expected to be included as part of a massive content expansion in Update 2.0.