How to get Brown Rice in Tower of Fantasy

It contains power of the flame.

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There are many ingredients in Tower of Fantasy — common, uncommon, rare, and more. You can easily find most of the ingredients, but some are located in specific areas of the map. Brown Rice is a useful ingredient that is hard to find in the game. There are many uses for brown rice, and some great dishes need it, so it’s worth finding it. To get it, you will need to find the location where it grows. This Tower of Fantasy guide will tell you where to get brown rice and how to use it.

Where to get Brown Rice in Tower of Fantasy

You can find brown rice on Raincaller Island, Navia. You can easily find tons of brown rice in the area underneath Cetus Island. Additionally, you can make a farming route, starting from the island’s western end and going circular back to the starting point. That way, you can gather a lot of brown rice. Remember that you will need to progress to the second phase of the game to be able to unlock the Navia region.

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Once you unlock Banges, you can go to the Navia Ominuim tower and unlock the region to get brown rice. It grows on a unique green plant that has brown tips. When you see the plants, you will easily be able to recognize them. After that, simply tap the brown rice button or press F to collect it.

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How to use Brown Rice in Tower of Fantasy

Brown rice, like every other ingredient, has two uses; eating and cooking. Eating it raw will grant two satiety points. When it comes to cooking, you can make tons of recipes with brown rice: Chocolate Bread, Red Wheat Bread, Barnacle Seafood Pizza, Purple Yam Pie, Caterpillar Fungus Noodles, Juicy Meat Sandwich, and Fiddlehead Pie.