How to make Ryan die in The Quarry

How to lose the loner.

Image via Supermassive Games

Most people won’t play The Quarry with the intention of killing off the characters, but that is a path you can take. Every counselor can die, but it requires certain actions and choices. Read on to learn what you need to do to kill off Ryan. Spoiler warning for the final two chapters of the game.

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How to kill Ryan — before Chapter 9

Ryan is actually perfectly safe (relatively speaking) until the last two chapters of the game. Nothing leading up to Chapter 9 affects whether he lives or dies, but that doesn’t mean your choices are irrelevant. What he does affects the fates of several other counselors, so be sure to check our guide on how to make everyone survive in The Quarry for more info.

How to kill Ryan — Chapter 9

Chapter 9 is where the crucial moments start to come. Ryan starts by getting stabbed by Bobby. When you climb out of the dumbwaiter, you’ll have the option to pull the knife out of your side. This choice actually doesn’t matter right now — Bobby will take the knife out when he tangles with Ryan later anyway. What matters is what happens next when Laura shows up. She’ll offer to bite Ryan, infecting him with werewolf blood and stopping his blood loss. Refuse this bite.

Shortly after, you can be killed off during the final moments of Chapter 9. During the werewolf scuffle, you have a choice of who to shoot. If you don’t shoot anyone, then werewolf Chris Hackett will kill Ryan right then and there. If you shoot Chris, Ryan will still succumb to blood loss moments after.

How to kill Ryan — Chapter 10

If you got through Chapter 9 safely, there’s still an opportunity to kill off Ryan — plus Laura and Travis Hackett. When the trio approaches Silas sleeping in his cage, choose not to shoot him. He’ll wake up, roll over, and kill all three of you.