How to make Sauteed Mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley

A simple recipe with ingredients that can be easily acquired.

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Each recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley ranges in complexity based on the ingredients that it needs. Every meal that you can cook also has its own specific star rating which also signifies how many ingredients are used in the dish. A specific recipe that requires minimal components and is therefore easy to make are the Sautéed Mushrooms. Here is what you’ll need to cook Sautéed Mushrooms.

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Sauteed Mushrooms recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

This appetizer is a 2-star recipe that is made up of the following ingredients:

  • Mushrooms
  • Butter
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Both Mushrooms and Butter are some of the easiest ingredients to acquire in the game as they can be either purchased or harvested in areas that are relatively easy to access.

Mushrooms can be found growing on the ground throughout the Glade of Trust biome. However, you will have to unlock this area by spending 5,000 Dreamlight which is a cheaper price compared to some of the other biomes. Each Mushroom you find and harvest yields only one piece every time so you will have to wait for some to grow back if you want to recreate the dish in the future.

The next ingredient, Butter, can be purchased at the Chez Remy pantry for 190 Star Coins but you need to unlock Remy from the Dream Castle and finish his opening two quests first before it can become available for sale. It’s also important to remember that if you did not choose the Ratatouille Realm as the first area to unlock in the Dream Castle, you will have to spend 3,000 Dreamlight to open it.

With a modest selling price of 276 Star Coins, this dish isn’t exactly the most profitable in the game’s menu but when it’s consumed, it does provide 712 Energy which is a decent amount for a meal that’s easy to make.