How to make Steamed Crab in Tower of Fantasy

Who doesn’t love a steamy meal.

Image via Hotta Studios

There are many unique recipes in Tower of Fantasy, some of which are extremely good in the game. One such recipe is Steamed Crab, which can help you in many situations by granting additional health and satiety points. Additionally, you can easily make a lot of Steamed Crabs since you will get the ingredients in good amounts. This Tower of Fantasy guide will tell you how to make Steamed Crab and where to get its ingredients.

Steamed Crab recipe

Steamed Crab is one of the best health recovery foods during the late and mid-game. Eating it will immediately restore 15% and 20,000 health and ten satiety points. Cooking the Steamed Crab can be difficult since one of its ingredients is a little hard to get. To make the Steamed Crab, you need its recipe and two ingredients. Here are the ingredients you need to make Steamed Crab.

How to get the Steamed Crab recipe

If you don’t have the Steamed Crab recipe, you can easily get it from any cooking bot. Interact with a cooking bot, and select the creation tab. Put a generous amount of Portunids and Lettuce in the tab until you get an 80 to 100% success rate. After that, cook, and the bot will give you the recipe for Steamed Crab.

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How to gather Steamed Crab ingredients

Steamed Crab is great food, but getting its ingredients is a bit challenging. To get portunids, you need to head to shores, but not just any shores; there are a few specific ones in Astra, Banges, and Crown Mines. Once you are at these shores, you will see small crab-like creatures crawling; these are portunids. You need to attack and kill them to loot the meat from inside. After that, to get lettuce, you will need to look in the grassy areas of Astra. Make sure to have a keen eye since spotting lettuce is difficult because the grass is also green.