Where to get Lettuce in Tower of Fantasy

Now that is green.

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Tower of Fantasy has many ingredients; some are easy to find, while others are more challenging to get your hands on. Additionally, there are many regions in the game, and each has some ingredients unique to only that region. Lettuce is one of those ingredients that is region specific, and finding it, especially for beginners, might be tricky. It’s a great ingredient that you need in many recipes, from the early game to the end game. This Tower of Fantasy guide will tell you where you can find lettuce and its uses in the game.

Where to find lettuce

Lettuce is a common ingredient, but you can only find lettuce in the Astra region. It’s in the grassy areas of Astra, so you will only get lettuce there. Additionally, not all grassy areas have lettuce, but there are only a few of those areas, meaning you will get your hands on lettuce in most of Astra’s areas.

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Remember that lettuce has a similar green color to the grass, so it’s tricky to find it. But if you keep a keen eye on the ground, you will find lettuce to have a lighter shade of green, which is how you can tell it apart from the grass. Whenever you spot lettuce, look at the nearby areas since usually there are a few of them together.

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How to use lettuce

Like any other ingredient, there are only two uses of lettuce; eating and cooking. Eating lettuce raw helps you recover 1% and 1,000 health and one satiety point, making it a pretty average food item. But when you use it for cooking, you can make dishes like Steamed Crab or Lettuce Salad, which are extremely useful and beneficial. Ultimately, it’s best to save lettuce for cooking instead of eating since you can make some great dishes.