How to make Steamed Fugu in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Fugu, spice, and everything nice.

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Fish-based recipes take up most of Disney Dreamlight Valley’s sizable entrée list. With numerous species inhabiting the different bodies of water in each biome, each fish you catch throughout your adventure can be made into its own unique recipe. A particularly rare fish in the game, and one we’ll be showing you how to cook, is the Fugu. Here’s how to make the Steamed Fugu recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Steamed Fugu recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The number of ingredients needed to create a dish is directly correlated to a recipe’s fixed star rating. Since the Steamed Fugu is a 3-star dish, cooking it will require three ingredients which consists of the following:

  • Fugu
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
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Fugu is an exotic fish that can only be caught in the game under certain conditions. It’s a species that is native to the Dazzle Beach biome which can be unlocked by using up 1,000 Dreamlight. In order to acquire it, you’ll have to cast your line at a gold fishing spot while it’s raining which means you’ll have to monitor the weather constantly to capture this fish.

Garlic, however, is easier to gather unlike the previous ingredient. It can be found growing on various spots throughout the Forest of Valor biome, which you’ll have to unlock first for 3,000 Dreamlight. It’s a spice that also grows back fairly quickly so you can keep coming back to the area if you run out of it.

The last ingredient, Ginger, is a spice that’s native to the Glade of Trust biome. This area can be opened by spending 5,000 Dreamlight and you’ll be able to obtain what you need by harvesting the little sprouts scattered throughout the area.

The Steamed Fugu also happens to be a dish with one of the highest sale prices in the game at 1,484 Star Coins and it also provides a significant stamina boost of 3,668 Energy when consumed.