How To Make Stone Bricks In Minecraft

Crafting in Minecraft can be for survival or aesthetics, and stone bricks are the perfect ingredient for plenty of decorative items.

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Stone Bricks are a popular crafting resource in Minecraft, but they require a little more to make than simply whacking a mountain with a pickaxe. There are a few methods for building Stone Bricks in Minecraft, but we’ll discuss the easiest method here, one which is the easiest for brand-new players to accomplish.

It’s possible to find Stone Bricks in a random Minecraft world, but there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to access it immediately. There are Strongholds that contain lots of Stone Bricks, as well as Jungle Temples. These are often deep in dangerous lands, so preparing a method for crafting as many Stone Bricks as needed rather than relying on lucky drops is usually more convenient.

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How To Make Stone & Stone Bricks In Minecraft

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The quickest method for creating Stone Bricks from a fresh save file in Minecraft involves the following steps:

  • Gather wood from nearby trees by punching them.
  • Go to the crafting panel of the menu and turn the wood into Planks.
  • Turn the planks into a Crafting Table.
  • Place the Crafting Table on the overworld and use it.
  • Create some Sticks and use them to make a Wooden Pickaxe.
  • Look for grey stones sticking out of cliffs or near the entrance to underground areas. Use the pickaxe to break them and make Cobblestone.
  • Use 9 Cobblestone with the Crafting Table to create a Furnace.
  • Search for Coal underground or on mountainsides; it resembles grey stone with black dots on it.
  • Alternatively, use wooden Planes as a fuel source.
  • Put the Coal or Planks in the bottom slot of the Furnace.
  • Put Cobblestone in the top spot and wait for it to burn in the Furnace, creating Stone.
  • Go to the Crafting Menu and put four pieces of Stone in a square pattern. This will create Stone Bricks.

There is another method for harvesting Stone, as it’s possible to use one of Minecraft’s magical Enchantments to empower a weapon. If you put the Silk Touch Enchantment on a pickaxe, you will make Stone out of grey blocks instead of Cobblestone. The Silk Touch method is a lot faster, but it takes time to set up Enchantments in Minecraft, so the Furnace method is swifter in the early game.

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If you need Stone Bricks near the start of a run, it’s advised that you quickly build a shelter out of any materials you have to hand, at least if you’re in a mode with monsters. This way, you can have a Crafting Table and Furnace to hand. You can then build out from there, depending on how many buildings you want to use the Stone Bricks for.