How to read your map in Stoneshard

It’s easy to get lost in Stoneshard, and following the map can be a little difficult

It would be best if you laid out a plan when you’re moving around the world in Stoneshard because you don’t always have a chance to save, and healing can be difficult. It’s effortless to get lost in the game, and when you’re attempting to move across the map for a quest before the time runs out, you need to make sure not waste day. To do this, you need to use the map. Right now, you can only view the map from the item in your inventory, and reading it is a bit difficult.

When you want to read your map, you need to go into your inventory and click on the small scroll. Right-click it and hit use. You should go to a large, yellow map that shows the detailed breakdown of the world you can explore. When you hover over any of the icons on the grid, you should be able to see a small description of that tile.

Unfortunately, finding your location on the map is not easy. There is no indicator on the map of where your character is, but this could change in the future because Stoneshard is in early access. It would be best if you want to venture out to a particular location to start at a town or in a town you’re familiar with before wandering around.

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For example, you start in the town of Osbrook. When you start there, it’s a good idea to determine where on the map you need to go, like a tile with a quest or somewhere you want to explore, and then count the tiles you have to go through and count the destinations you visit. To keep track of yourself on the map, you need to do a lot of the work yourself. Stoneshard doesn’t provide an icon of your character.

These features may change in the future. Stoneshard is in early access, and the developers are actively providing hotfixes for the game while listening to community input about the title. Make sure to check up with the community updates and see what developer Ink Stains Games change.