How to master the piano in BitLife

Hit all of the right keys.

Image via Candywriter

When you want to master a musical skill in BitLife, it’s going to take a lot of practice and effort on your part. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s something your character will have to work on throughout their life consistently. For those who want to master the piano musical talent, you’ll need to put in plenty of dedication, and it comes with numerous rewards when playing BitLife.

You can start to hone your character’s piano skills at an early age. First, you’ll want to go to the Activities tab and scroll down to the Mind & Body tab. From there, click on the ‘instruments’ tab, you’ll be able to choose to start playing the piano and taking lessons. You can click this icon each time after you ‘age up’ to increase your character’s skill, and the more often you do it, the more talented you’re going to become.

To master the piano skill, you need to fill up the entire piano instrument bar. If you’re trying to become a solo artist or join a band by playing the piano, we highly recommend reaching at least 90% of this bar before you’re 18. Once you’re 18, the lessons will cost money, and most bands or musical agencies won’t sign your character unless they have at least 90%.

You can wrap up the piano skill after becoming a talented musician, but you can also do it before this happens. Then, when you’ve filled up the entire piano skill bar, you’ll have mastered the instrument, and you can become a worldwide pianist.