How to not go to jail in BitLife

You don’t want to do jail time.

Image via Candywriters

There are several ways you can go to jail in BitLife. If you’re attempting not to go to prison because of a challenge, you’re going to find some difficulty with this. The challenges that require you not to go to jail typically have you trying to commit a crime that will send you to jail. You want to keep in mind a few things when working on these jails that we can recommend. There is no guarantee you won’t go to prison, but hopefully, these help you out.

When committing any crime, you want to try and go for the lowest quality, less demanding tasks. For example, if you’re stealing cars, you want to pick a vehicle that is extremely low quality. The more expensive a car is, the higher chance you have of being caught. So you want to go for the lower quality option. The same goes for if you need to murder someone in the game. An excellent way to do that is with poison and picking someone you don’t know, such as a stranger or a homeless person. There’s less of a chance that you’ll be picked up by the police for the crime.

The crimes with less involvement regarding your character increase your chances of not getting caught. However, it is essential to keep in mind that if you are ever caught and sent to jail, the chances of being caught while committing a crime dramatically increases in the future.

Overall, it’s all about picking your targets and thinking a little bit before making a decision. If you don’t, the police might have a much easier time picking you up in BitLife.