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How to open locked doors in the Dead Space Remake

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Several locked doors prevent you from advancing on the USG Ishimura in the Dead Space remake. These doors are locked to stop you from getting too far off the game’s current course, but they eventually unlock and become available to you. This happens at different times, or you need to meet specific requirements to get through them. Here’s what you need to know about how to open locked doors in the Dead Space remake.

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How to get through locked doors in the Dead Space remake

There are multiple ways to unlock the locked doors in the Ishimura, which all boils down to the door you’re trying to open.

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For example, if you encounter a door that has no power going to it, follow the red line connecting the door. You can likely find a Circuit Breaker nearby where you can switch power from one source to another. One of the first doors like this is the Maintenance Bay Office door you can find when attempting to locate the Data Board. The Circuit Breaker connected to this door is on the second floor of this room.

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There are also doors with security clearance. The security clearance cards open up as you progress through the game, so if you’re trying to unlock these doors, we recommend focusing on the primary objectives in the Dead Space remake and going through the ship. These doors should unlock as you focus on these objectives.

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When you gain access to Security Clearance, return to any door or locked box with that specific clearance number, and you can gain access to it. While the doors without power require a little problem-solving, any door with Security Clearance is locked throughout the game’s progress, so keep working on the main objectives to gain access.

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