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How to unlock the secret ending in Dead Space Remake

Does it ever truly end for Isaac?

The Dead Space remake has impressive graphics, intensely scary combat scenes, and better controls. Motive Studio worked hard to pay homage to the original 2008 game as much as possible, they offered plenty of unique twists along the way. One of these unique twists is a secret ending all players can unlock. There’s a specific thing you need to do, and getting to this point will take a great deal of time. Here’s what you need to know about how to unlock the secret ending in the Dead Space remake.

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How to get the alternative ending in the Dead Space remake

The alternative end for the Dead Space remake only happens if you have played through the game once already. In the traditional ending, when Isaac makes it off the Ishimura and comes to terms with the death of his girlfriend, Nicole, and watches the recording she sent him one last time.

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He learned that even though he had seen her on the ship throughout the game, she was a hallucination created by the alien Marker that caused the Necromorph infestation. However, before the game ends, Isaac turns over to the co-pilot’s chair and sees a heavily disfigured, bloody Nicole sitting next to him, who then lunges at him. Following Nicole’s jump at Isaac, the game ends.

Now, to get the secret ending, after players beat the game once, they must work through the game a second time and reach the ending again. Instead of the standard ending where Nicole jumps out at Isaac, a different ending plays out. We’re not going to spoil what happens here or the context, but we encourage fans to check it out to see how it differs from the original. It does take a good amount of work to reach this point, but the varying difficulty settings can make the two playthroughs an exciting adventure, or you can choose to play on an easier setting to get the end faster.

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