How to open locked Plort doors in Slime Rancher 2 – Plort Gate guide

What if they’re hiding something implortant?

image via Monomi Park

At its heart, Slime Rancher 2 is, like the original, a farming game about managing an ever-expanding stock of Slimes. But it also has some more tricks up its sleeve, with the biggest being its surprisingly expansive world to explore. It isn’t as simple as just taking a Jetpack ride around an open space, though, as a big part of exploring this world is figuring out how to deal with some fairly obtuse roadblocks that stand in your way. These roadblocks come in various forms, one of which is the Plort Gate: a locked round door that’s accompanied by a statue of a Slime.

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How to open Plort Gates

Screenshot by Gamepur

The key to opening these mysterious doors is actually in their corresponding Slime statues, which are smiling, mouth open, as if taunting you to discover their true meaning. The real trick is identifying which type of Slime the statue is representing. Once you do, all you need to do is get the same type Plort and shoot it into the statue’s mouth, opening the locked door in the process.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Usually, the type of Slime you need to open a Plort Gate can be found in the same area (Starlight Strand, for example) as the gate, but not in the exact location. This means you’ll probably have to search around a bit to find a Slime that’ll do the trick, unless you planned ahead and brought your own Plort from home, that is. Almost any Slime of the correct type should work as long as you offer it some food that fits its diet, but hungry Slimes (pictured above) are guaranteed. Once you have your Plort, all you need to do is head back to the gate and shoot the Plort into the statue’s mouth.