How to open The Flat digicode in Stray

The first of many locked doors.

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The Flat is the third chapter you will play through in Stray and it is also where you meet your companion, B-12, who helps guide you through the rest of the game. Before you reach this area, you need to make your way through Dead City and past the first encounter with the Zurks. Once you land in the flat, you will start solving more puzzles. One of the first is how to get the code for the digicode in The Flat.

How to open the digicode in The Flat

When you first enter The Flat, you will make your way through the apartment and solve a small puzzle in a room full of computers. After completing the puzzle and grabbing a small drone body from the top shelf, you will gain access to your companion, B-12. You will need B-12 to obtain the code to leave the flat.

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After getting B-12, you will get a set of keys to open the first door to the flat. Afterward, you will go through a hallway and run into a digicode locked door. Now you need to get your paws on the combination.

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To obtain the combination, activate B-12’s light and enter the room on the right side of the hallway where the locked door is. Jump up on the shelves and knock over the paint can to reveal the combination for the door. The combination is 3748. Type it in and the door will slide open.