How to Peep a Creature in Grounded and what it does

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It is a good idea to always understand the bugs around you in Grounded. Whether you are about to go hunting for them or you are simply trying to defend yourself when they attack, you will want to know what you are getting into. Early in the game, you will be given a tutorial quest called Bug Knowledge that asks you to Peep a Creature. Here is how to do it and what it does.

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How to Peep a Creature in Grounded

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Peeping a Creature is a very simple process in Grounded. You need to go into Binocular Mode by pressing Y on Xbox or X on PC. Your character will cup their hands over their eyes and give you a zoomed-in view. As you do this, place your reticle over a creature you have not peeped before, and some question marks will appear. On Xbox, press X or left-click on PC to peep that creature and learn a little about them.

What does peeping a creature do in Grounded?

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After you peep a creature in Grounded, you will first be given the name of that creature. You will also unlock a Creature Card for it. If you pull up your inventory, you can tab over to the Data section. Under this area, you can see all of the cards for creatures you have peeped. These cards give you information about how much health they have, how many you have killed, and important information like weaknesses, resistances, and weak points. You can also learn about their general locations and what they drop. If you have been fighting tough bugs that you think are taking a long time to die, we recommend studying up on these creature cards. We definitely recommend using Peep a Creature for every animal you come across in the game.