Where to find Lint in Grounded

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Crafting yourself tier three armor in Grounded is the best way to help guarantee your survival in the backyard. Walking around with these protective outfits helps reduce damage taken and gives you various other bonuses depending on the set you wear. To make a good collection of them, you will need to collect Lint, which can only be grabbed in one dangerous area of the map. Here is where to get Lint in Grounded.

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Where is Lint located in Grounded?

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To find Lint in Grounded, you need to venture into the upper part of the yard in the northwestern portion of the map. We have only found it to spawn on the doormat in front of the shed. To get here, you will need to pass the tipped-over grill and climb up the bike. While here, you will need to contend with Dust Mites and Black Soldier Ants, so be careful.

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Before you go to the shed to gather Lint, you need to have the tier three chopping tool, the Termite Axe. It can be created with two Termite Chompers, two Crow Feather Pieces, and four Tough Gunk. Only with this tool can you strike the Lint clumps and pick up the pieces available.

Now that you have Lint, you need to place it in a Spinning Wheel and let it spin into Lint Rope. It takes two Lint to create one Lint Rope, so you will need to gather quite a bit to be fully stocked with the item. Unfortunately, Lint takes a couple of in-game days to respawn on the doormat, so be sure to hit it when you are in the area and come back every now and then to get more. As of this writing, there are not any other known locations for Lint to spawn.