How to pick the right perks in Rogue Company

Upgrade your Rogue with the right perks for the job.

Rogue Company perks

Image by Hi-Rez Studios.

Besides their weapons and gadgetsRogue Company operators can equip various perks that alter their performance and abilities. Like everything else in your loadout, perks are permanent once purchased. Additionally, weapon perks apply across the board – for example, if you have Shredder Rounds and pick up another player’s weapon, you will have a large reserve of ammo for that weapon.

Here are all the perks currently available in Rogue Company, organized by their relative value.

Best perks

The following perks are must-buys: EvadeHeadstrongNimble HandsLife Drain, and Berserker. If your chosen Rogue can buy these, buy them as soon as you can afford it. They are guaranteed to either save your life or help you get kills.

Strong perks

Sixth Sense is a double duty perk, either helping you find targets, or avoid ambushes. It works even when enemies do not have line of sight to you, so it is essentially a passive scan.

Bounce Back is a strong perk, but should be taken after other defensive perks have been purchased. Unlike with Evade or Headstrong, you need to actually survive in the first place in order to take advantage of Bounce Back.

Matchup-specific perks

Tenacity is literally always good, but especially so against Dima, Talon, and Ronin.

Replenish is great to have, especially against teams with Saint or Chaac, since finishing off downed opponents is important there.

Cloaked is helpful in a variety of match-ups and a must-buy against Dallas, Gl1tch, Talon, and Phantom.

Shredder Rounds is really useful against Anvil, and mildly useful against Saint’s drone and a number of gadgets, although these are all very easy to destroy anyway. The secondary benefit of this perk – the extra ammo – is nice, but rarely comes into play.

Helping Hand is helpful if your team doesn’t have Saint, or if you are Saint since it synergizes with your passive.

Situational perks

Stalker is a perk that scales with your skill. If you have a great aim, you can get some use out of it. It’s also good for keeping you in ADS as you clear corners, but certainly not a priority buy on anyone.

Padded Steps is a bit of extra help if you like flanking because it lets you sneak up on people more reliably. That said, when guns and explosions are going off, other players can’t hear you anyway, so Padded Steps will very rarely be useful enough to justify the cost. Buy it only if you’re drowning in cash.

Tracker Rounds is a polarizing perk. It can technically be useful, but a coordinated team does not need it. Not only that, but for the $10,000 it costs, you can upgrade your main weapon or buy another perk that would actually help you kill enemies instead of tracking them.