How to place in the top 30% 30 times on Rebirth Island in Call of Duty: Warzone – Rebirth Event

Let’s aim for top marks.

Image via Activision

A challenge in Call of Duty: Warzone’s Rebirth Event requires players to make it to the top 30% 30 times on Rebirth Island. You’ll need to beat out several other players and play strategically, but if you plan ahead, and have a few good friends alongside you, you’ll complete this challenge in no time.

The only way to play Rebirth Island during the Rebirth Event is to play it through the Resurgence Trios playlist. The mode is not too different from the traditional Battle Royale mode; there are plenty of supply crates containing weapons, contracts, and item boxes for you to purchase useful gear and killstreaks. The big difference is that you will always be able to return to the game so long as one of your teammates remains alive. If everyone on your team dies, you’re kicked from the match.

For those looking to make it to the top 30% to complete this challenge, you’ll need to buddy up with at least two friends or make sure the matchmaker pairs you with two other players. If you find yourself flying down onto Rebirth Island by yourself, chances are you won’t be lasting too long. But there are still several methods for you to survive.

For starters, pick an optimal location to land on Rebirth Island. We recommend picking Chemical Engineering, Bioweapon Labs, Shore, or Construction Site as decent starting locations based on the map. It won’t place you directly at the heart of the tiny island, but it does place you in an ideal location to grab gear, survive, and outlast enemies while the larger teams duke it out.