How to play as Brimstone in Valorant

Deal some real damage with this Agent.

Brimstone Valorant

In the Valorant Closed Beta, there are a total of ten Agents. Some are similar in the abilities they possess, but for the most part, each Agent is different. There are a few that rely on stealthiness, others rely on strategic tactics, and some that solely depend on firepower. One of the Agents that rely on sheer firepower is Brimstone, an Agent you can play as without using an unlock token.

Brimstone has two abilities that can deal a massive amount of damage and two others that allow your team to work around the map a little better. While this makes him a fairly balanced Agent, it also means there’s a lot to master when using Brimstone in Valorant.

For starters, Brimstone’s abilities are as follows:

  • Stim Beacon (Basic Ability) – 100 Credits
  • Incendiary (Basic Ability) – 200 Credits
  • Sky Smoke (Signature Ability)
  • Orbital Strike (Ultimate Ability)
Brimstone character select
Screengrab via Riot Games.

If you want to master Brimstone, then you need to master two of his abilities, being Incendiary and Sky Smoke. Stim Beacon and Orbital Strike are abilities that indeed come in handy, but they’re not as complicated as the other two.

Sky Smoke, Brimstone’s Signature Ability, allows the Agent to deploy three smoke clouds on the map. You can choose the location of these clouds by placing them on the map that will appear when you activate the ability. These smokes can be placed anywhere, but it’s best for your team if you use them to block off a line of sight for the enemy team.

So, for example, you can block off two areas on a certain bombsite, allowing you and your team access without too much resistance. Once you’re through the smokes, equip your Incendiary ability, which is a grenade launcher, and shoot it at an enemy once the smoke clears. This will likely result in you getting the kill on that enemy if you shoot the grenade at the right location.

To go along with this, you can throw down your Stim Beacon directly after you launch your smoke clouds. Stim Beacon gives anyone from your team RapidFire, which increases your rate of fire, reload time, weapon swap, and recoil spread.

How to play Brimstone in VALORANT | Dot Esports
An example of Brimstone’s Ultimate in action. Image via Riot Games.

In terms of when you should use Orbital Strike, that comes down to choice. A great time to use it is when you know for a fact that a group of enemies are pushing a bombsite. This will stop them from advancing and should even kill one or two of them.

Brimstone is one of the deadliest Agents if you use him correctly. Orbital Strike is arguably the most lethal Ultimate in Valorant, and his other three abilities certainly come in handy nearly every round.