How to Play as Conduit in Apex Legends: Abilities & Strategy Explained

Conduit is a shield support Legend who requires players to think more about others than themselves in every match.

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Image via Respawn Entertainment

Conduit is a shield support Legend introduced to Apex Legends with Season 19 Ignite. She uses a battered old battery from a Titan (of Titanfall fame) in her suit to assist allies and deal a devastating debuff to any enemies that cross her at the wrong moment.

Developer Respawn Entertainment has pulled out all the stops to give Apex Legends players a new support character who doesn’t need to stick to the sidelines. Conduit is built to be part of the action, move quickly around foes, and be part of the pro team meta. In this guide, we outline all of her abilities, how to play as her, and what a good loadout to use with her is.

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All Conduit Abilities & How to Use Them in Apex Legends

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Image via Respawn Entertainment

Conduit’s abilities focus on supporting teammates and boosting their shields or providing an advantage by cutting down enemy shields. This is because her suit uses a cracked Monarch Titan Battery from her home planet. We’ve outlined all of them below and explained how they should be used in a match.

Tactical: Radiant Transfer

This ability charges Conduit’s suit and sends a blast of shield energy to the ally she’s aiming at. The ally will have their missing shield energy refilled, and Conduit will gain some shield energy as well. This shield energy acts like standard shields in Apex Legends. They’re not temporary, so they won’t expire after a certain time, but they also don’t have any extra special protection.

Radiant Transfer will build up over time, so players should use it as much as they can to ensure their teammates are topped up on shields. With Conduit in the team, other players can take a few more risks knowing that she’s there to refill their shields if they need it, getting them up and moving out of cover when the ring is closing in.

The thing we love about this ability is that it’ll allow Conduit to help players recover after a firefight. It doesn’t matter how brutal the encounter was, players can reset their health and shields pretty quickly with Conduit by their side.

Passive: Savior’s Speed

Conduit’s Passive, Savior’s Speed, lets her sprint faster when she’s sprinting towards teammates from outside of the Tactical zone. This is the zone in which she can boost their shields using Radiant Transfer. It gives her quite the advantage because she can quickly sprint to a fallen player, revive them, give them a shield, then move onto another fallen player or just back to the third teammate to give them more shields while they hunker down.

Anything that gives a Legend a speed boost is welcome in our books. Conduit’s a better support Legend because she can flit between players on the map. We’ve all jumped into too many matches where a team is split up across various regions. It’s infuriating and the direct opposite of what pros like DarkZero do.

Players can easily make the most of this ability by always sprinting between their teammates. This will ensure they’re always on the move, keeping everyone in check and full of shields, and never waiting for another team to come and hunt them down.

Ultimate: Energy Barricade

For her Ultimate, Energy Barricade, Conduit launches an array of shield jamming devices that line up as a wall. Any players running into or near these will have their shields disabled and take damage, potentially putting them on the ground.

This Ultimate is crazy, and it’s a team-based one too, so we’d expect to see it in rotation at ALGS matches. The key to using it is knowing where the enemy is coming from. Players need to find the weak points in their defenses and force the enemy to run through the Energy Barricade.

Just like Catalyst’s wall, Energy Barricade can be deployed as a way to give a team time to recover shields, health, and reload. It’s also a great way to block a path and even keep enemies from following the team out of a confined area. There are so many uses for this Ultimate. As long as Conduit players focus on what’s going to help the team when they use it, that team stands a fantastic chance of winning by putting down enemies, providing a safety net, and turning other Ultimates, again like Catalyst’s wall, against the players using them.

How to Play as Conduit in Apex Legends

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Image via Respawn Entertainment

Conduit might be a support Legend, but she’s also the most anti-rat and anti-passive Legend we’ve seen in a long time. Her abilities focus on sticking close to other players, which means getting into the action regardless of where it is.

The things we’ve seen work in our time with her start with using that Passive, Savior’s Speed, to stick close to allies. Even if the two other players on the team are at opposite ends of the map to each other, Conduit needs to be sprinting between them. There’s just no sense in staying still with a Legend this fast.

It also helps with looting because Conduit can spend some added time checking out the items she needs for her loadout before sprinting to the closest teammate. It closes the gap between her and the ring or any enemies and ensures that she’ll pretty much always have at least one other gun on her side in a fight.

While moving across the map like The Flash, players should also be buffing shields every time they’re able. Conduit’s Tactical, Radiant Transfer, gives both her and a teammate some shield energy, which is essential at the start of a match. As time goes on and players get caught by stray bullets and the ring, these little shield buffs are only going to become more important.

As we mentioned above, there are so many scenarios that Conduit’s Tactical can be used for. The most important of which is grabbing a teammate when they’re downed. Conduit is fast, so she’ll get to them quickly, can revive them, and then leave them with some shield energy as an added layer of protection while she goes off to help the other teammate.

Finally, let’s talk about how to use that Ultimate. In the final ring, it needs to be reserved as a counter for when Catalysts are dropping walls or when the ring is closing in and players know a team is about to rush them from a certain direction. Wait until the last second, especially now since Catalyst’s wall is a bit less efficient with Season 19 Ignite, then deploy Energy Barricade.

The key to every use of Conduit’s Ultimate is timing. Make sure the enemy has no choice but to run into it, lose their shield, and take some damage. It’ll make taking them out so much easier and protect the team. While the Ultimate is out, don’t neglect the Tactical to keep fellow teammates and Conduit topped up with shield energy.

This Legend is a breath of fresh air as far as we’re concerned. We’ve always loved Lifeline because we naturally slot into a support role, but Conduit is more offensive. She’s able to get into the fight and be a relevant part of every second of a match in Apex Legends. Don’t sit on her. Pick her up and add her to the roster because she’ll transform the way everyone plays this game.

Best Loadout for Conduit in Apex Legends (Updated for Season 19 Ignite)

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Image via Respawn Entertainment

Loadouts are pretty subjective in Apex Legends, but we feel that there are certain items that will benefit Conduit players far more than other Legends. We’ve updated this section for Season 19 Ignite and will continue to do so with every season so players can get a better idea of what they should be picking up as they drop into a match and explore.

Conduit is best used at close range, so we don’t see the point in grabbing anything like the Hemlock or Charge Rifle unless players are desperate for it. Instead, we’d recommend trying to get a Wingman from a Care Package. These will be rare, but with Conduit’s speed, we believe players can make it work as a great weapon for her ideal range.

We’d also say that a shotgun like Peacekeeper is a safe bet for every situation Conduit will find herself in. It just deals a lot of damage up close and personal and is perfect for a Legend trying to run past foes to get to her team.

If players are desperate for a bit of range, they could try the Hemlok or Alternator, but we just don’t see these as useful for Conduit’s ideal play style based on her abilities. SMGs are probably the best ranged option for her because they’re still deadly at close range.

Outside of weapons, players should obviously always push to have the best armor and backpack possible. These allow Conduit to store more items and have a larger, more useful, shield capacity. However, since Conduit is a shield-charging machine, players should opt to carry a few more offensive items over Shield Batteries.

It doesn’t matter if players are running a thrown weapon, grenades, or want more ammo, all of it will be useful to keep Conduit on her feet and ensure she’s pulling her weight for the team. The rest is up to each player’s preferences.