Breaking Down Respawn’s Titanfall 3 Teasers: A Deep Dive Guide

The Road to Titanfall 3: Understanding Respawn’s Cryptic Teasers,

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Respawn Entertainment, the developer behind the Titanfall and Apex Legends franchise, has been dropping hints about Titanfall 3 across two of its games. These tenuous hints could mean anything, but fans aren’t letting them go.

Most of these hints could count as easter eggs. They’re fun little coincidences that seem to point toward a Titanfall 3 announcement at some point in the near future. However, human minds are also built to see patterns, so they could mean nothing.

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All Titanfall Teasers & What Fans Think They Mean

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Image by Respawn Entertainment

Below, we’ve outlined all of the teasers that fans believe Respawn Entertainment has put into its games to point toward a Titanfall 3 reveal or announcement. Note that all of this is pure speculation on the Titanfall and Apex Legends communities’ part. At the time of writing, Respawn Entertainment has made no recent official announcements or led fans to believe that Titanfall 3 is on the way.

The “Titanfall is in Our DNA” Post

In 2021, Respawn Entertainment rekindled some hope among Titanfall fans by stating that Titanfall was in the company’s DNA. It added that no one knew what the future could hold, hinting that a Titanfall game was in the works.

However, Apex Legends is set in the same universe as the Titanfall games, so this post could have been about that game. It’s difficult to tell what the intention behind the post was, but this was the first point following Titanfall 2 that fans became really excited about a third entry.

Titanfall 2’s 2023 Multiplayer Update

In September 2023, Titanfall 2 received a huge multiplayer update. This is significant because the game had all but been abandoned by Respawn Entertainment up until that point. The multiplayer servers were full of hackers and cheaters, making it impossible to enjoy the game’s online experience.

The update fixed many issues and caused huge problems for those players, making it difficult to enjoy. The game was also on sale around this time, though it’s thought that the sale had nothing to do with the update. It seemed to be a regularly occurring sale alongside a Steam event.

This update also mentioned the addition of a time-limited mode to come in the future, which is important because it plays into another hint that Titanfall fans have latched onto.

The Apex Legends Patch Notes Nessie Codes

One of the strangest hints for Titanfall 3 came in a set of patch notes for an Apex Legends event. The patch notes contained three Nessie codes. Nessie is the mascot for Apex Legends, so it makes sense that all this strangeness is linked to the cuddly toy.

The codes, once translated, refer to the release date for the original Titanfall, Titanfall 2, and Apex Legends. Fans then made the jump that the seventh anniversary of Titanfall 2 release is October 27, 2023. Season 19 for Apex Legends will start on October 31, 2023, and fans believe that at some point around these dates, the developer will announce Titanfall 3.

Titanfall Tees at The ALGS Championship 2023

This hint may or may not be related to the Titanfall 3 teasers, but it’s something we noticed. While attending the ALGS Championship 2023, we saw developers from Respawn Entertainment wearing Titanfall developer team tees. We didn’t expect any Titanfall announcements at the event but noted how strange it was that these developers weren’t wearing Apex Legends tees instead.

Titanfall 2’s The Otherside Game Mode Could Be a Reference to a Red Hot Chilli Peppers Song

When Respawn added the aforementioned new game mode to Titanfall 2, fans discovered it’s called The Otherside. This isn’t an easter egg within the context of the game. However, eagle-eyed users on Reddit have made the link to a Red Hot Chilli Peppers song.

Otherside is the third song on the album Californication from the incredibly famous band Red Hot Chilli Peppers. It’s also an incredible song, regardless of links to Titanfall 3. Fans believe that because the mode is named after the third song on this album, it’s a subtle hint yet again to an announcement for Titanfall 3.

Some of these easter eggs and hints are reasonable, while others, such as The Otherside game mode, are a bit of a leap. It’s difficult to say if Titanfall 3 is in the works or will be announced. Given the evidence, it certainly seems as though a Titanfall-related announcement is coming at the end of October 2023.