How to play Fast-8 in Teamfight Tactics

Use this strategy to be the first to get some powerhouse units on the board.

Image via Riot Games

There are several ways to play the economy game in Teamfight Tactics (TFT), and one of those methods is what is known as Fast-8. This means that your plan is to reach level 8 as fast as possible, with the aim to access the wider pool of 4- and 5-cost units before other players. This would in theory give you a better chance of finding the exact units you’re after, especially if one of those units is your composition’s main carry.

Another case when going Fast-8 is feasible is when you find yourself with an overpowering comp during early and mid-game, or have strong economy Augments. Either of those could justify going Fast-8 with a regular comp, with the objective being to shift to more powerful units in the late game. In all cases, going Fast-8 means reaching level 8 early, usually on rounds 4-3, 4-4, or 4-5. Let’s take a look at how to do it.

Planning ahead

Image via Riot

Stages 2 and 3

If you plan to play Fast-8, you will need to save up lots of gold. This means that you will need to decide and commit to either a winning streak or a losing streak (depending on what units you find) to reach as much bonus gold as you can.

Level up normally, as with all other leveling strategies. But no matter how much gold you have, you need to resist rolling down at all on level 6. Instead, commit to keeping your streak going. By this point, it would usually turn into a losing streak. Watch your health pool and if it goes really sour, it might be time to pivot away.

Stage 4

This is the stage in which you spring your plan into action. You should be close to level seven on round 4-1 at the latest, leveling it up if not. Depending on your economy, you should be able to power level to 8 as early as round 4-3, with some gold left over to allow you to finally roll down and pick up some juicy 4- and 5-cost units off of the carousel.

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Options & Tips

  • If your health pool is strong after powerleveling to eight, you might want to hold off from rolling down and instead stretch out your strategy to either go for Fast-9 or wait for round 5-1 to roll down.
  • If your health dips too low, too quickly, Fast-8 might be too risky to go for. Conversely, an early win streak might be a good sign to go for a Fast-8.
  • Look for ways to support your strategy with Augments, especially if you don’t feel like your economy can fully support it — for example, after turning a winning streak into a losing streak.