How To Play Helldivers 2 On Steam Deck

Helldivers 2 is available on PC and PS5, which means Steam Deck users want to know how they can start helping out the galaxy.

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Image via Arrowhead Game Studios

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Arrowhead Game Studios initially released Helldivers 2 for PC and PS5 to bring it to a wider audience and have them play together. Of course, this includes one crowd who desperately want this game to be on the go, Seam Deck users.

Ever since it was first released, more and more game developers have been trying to get their games ready for the Steam Deck by the time they’re launched. This is why so many users have to work together to try to figure out workarounds to get games like Helldivers 2 running on their Steam Decks. Mercifully, Arrowhead Game Studios has made running its latest title on Valve’s portable platforms incredibly simple.

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How to Play Hellsidvers 2 on the Steam Deck

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To play Helldivers 2 on Steam Deck, players simply need to download the game to their device and launch it. While the game wasn’t running well on Steam Deck when it was first released, this has since been fixed in a post-launch patch.

We have found several examples of users on Steam Deck playing Helldivers 2 without having to use any workarounds. Many outlets are reporting that the game is incompatible because it was at launch, but, as is clear to see from real users, the game runs perfectly fine on the portable device.

Best Settings for Helldivers 2 on Steam Deck

Image via PlayStation

The best settings for Helldivers 2 on Steam Deck require players to put the game’s rendering into Quality Mode and textures and object quality to Low. this provides the best overall experience, even though the game doesn’t look perfect while playing.

This is subjective based on what players want from Helldivers 2. If they want amazing quality visuals and don’t care about FPS, they can push the quality of textures, images, and rendering higher. If, however, they want a solid experience around 30 FPS consistently, then they’ll need to drop as much as they can to low or quality to keep the game running smoothly.

On any difficulty above Challenging, the game throws hundreds of enemies at players. This is quite taxing on the Steam Deck and can cause FPS drops. Players could opt to play solo on lower difficulty modes and complete more objectives to level out progression and FPS on the Steam Deck, pushing into higher difficulties when sat down at a PC playing with friends.