How to play online & with friends in PGA Tour 2K23

Let’s invite some friends to the course.

Image via 2K

2K and HB Studios are back with the second game in the PGA Tour 2K franchise, PGA Tour 2K23. Much like in PGA Tour 2K21, online play has returned. However, things are a little bit different for 2K23, as some online features that were in the last game like leaderboards are not available at launch. But what else can you do in PGA Tour 2K23? Let’s go over what you need to know.

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How to play with friends in PGA Tour 2K23

To play online, go to the ‘Casual’ section at the main menu with LT/RT, or L1/R1. Select the ‘Online Match’ tab to begin the process of playing online. Players can choose from different games like Head-to-Head, Divot Derby, or Skins. If you’re looking for an online Topgolf game, follow the same directions but move towards the ‘Topgolf’ section.

There are three different options. One is ‘Matchmaking,’ where player can match up and play with random players. There are no leaderboards for online play via matchmaking, so keep that in mind. Or, users can ‘Create Private Match’ to create a room where friends to gather and play. If you want to match up with someone on your friends list, hit X/Square, followed by ‘Send Invite.’ Alternatively, one can hit RS/R3 to reveal the room code.

If you received an invite to a game and have a code, enter it in the ‘Join with Room Code’ tab.

Then there is Societies, another option to play with friends. However, this one is a bit more of a competitive avenue.

For those who did not play PGA Tour 2K21, Online Societies are virtually online leagues. In Societies, players can create a league and founders will be able to set the parameters. The parameters include setting the Society Style (Casual, Competitive, Simulation, & Design), Security Level (Public & Private), and enforcing minimum and maximum handicaps.