How to play private matches on Rebirth Island in Call of Duty: Warzone

Keep it private.

Image via Activision

Season 3 has arrived in Warzone, changing things up in large and small ways. One of the more interesting changes is that players can now play on the Rebirth Island map in private matches.

If you like the idea of getting all your friends or clan members together into a private match on this map, then this guide will show you how to do it. The lower player count and smaller map make this an excellent way to work on your general game skills with friends.

The maximum number of players you will be able to have on the Rebirth Island map is 40. It also leads to a quicker paced game, more regular engagements, and some very exciting gameplay.

To play a private match on Rebirth Island, players will need to load into a game as they normally would. Start up Warzone, then click on the button in the bottom of the Play screen and select “Private Match, Practice Modes, and Trials”.

Select the game mode you wish to play, then this will bring you to the lobby. At the bottom of the screen, you can switch the map from Verdansk to Rebirth Island.

Send invites to all your friends or clan mates, then wait for them to load in and start the match. It’s easy and simple to do, which is great as private matches on Rebirth Island have been a highly requested feature among the community.