How to play Reindog in MultiVersus – Moves, strategies, perks, and more

It’s so fluffy!

Image via Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

MultiVersus’ original and most adorable character, Reindog, is a support character with a little bit of bite behind his bark. Like most other supports, he is on a slightly weaker side, but with the help of our guide, we’re sure you can learn a few tips and tricks to use his moves to confound your enemies and help your allies. So read along to learn more about how to play Reindog.

Reindog’s key abilities and how to use them

Love Leash (Neutral Special)

Reindog’s arguably most important ability is his Love Leash (Neutral Special), used both from the ground or in the air. While it may seem simple or a no-brainer, as a Reindog player, it is imperative that you learn how to use it, as a timely leash can mean the difference between match point and victory. Also, always keep in mind that this ability has an offensive portion, dealing damage over time to enemies it overlaps with. 

Screenshot by Gamepur

Zoning as Reindog

Many of Reindog’s offensive special abilities revolve around setting up zones of dangerous terrain for the opposing team. Power Crystal (Up Special) can be set up so that it denies portions of the battlefield while electrifying the two teams. Fireball (Down Special) and Meteor (Down Special Air) turn Reindog into an artillery piece that also scorches the ground where it lands, securing another zone of danger against the opponents. With these zones of control, you might want to look to use Reindog’s mobility skills such as Spin-Dog (Side Air), Fireworks Master (Side Special Air), Flounce Pounce (Side Special), and Flying Floof (Up Special Air), to knock enemies into them for extra pressure.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Flying Floof (Up Special Air)

Have you noticed that after using Flying Floof (Up Special Air), Reindog just kind of stays rolled up? That’s not a bug — he actually becomes an “item” of sorts. This lets your partner pick you up and throw you as a projectile, which in turn deals a surprisingly large amount of damage if you hit an enemy.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Tail Swipe (Attack + Down)

While lacking much of directly offensive capabilities, Reindog has two strong tail attacks that can surprise enemies with just how far they can knock them back. Tail Swipe (Attack + Down) on the ground and Tail Swat (Attack + Down) from the air can both be used as devastating finishers if an opportunity arises.

Reindog projectile attacks

As mentioned, both Fireball and Meteor count as ranged projectile attacks, but Reindog’s default attack Ptoo! is one as well, making him a character that in most instances wants to keep a distance and affect the battlefield from safety. If you have trouble aiming Ptoo!, remember that it bounces off of terrain and ground, making it very dangerous when spammed. Just watch for the Attack Decay debuff

Screenshot by Gamepur

Best Reindog perks

As a real support player, you should look to complement your partner’s abilities and perks with your own. Make it Rain, Dog! is mostly a purely selfish perk that you should avoid unless you’re pairing up with another ranged character. Instead, look to bring Tasmanian Trigonometry and Fancy Footwork from your own, or better yet – match your partner’s perks for the combined benefit. 

Both of Reindog’s signature perks are useful and the choice depends on which ability you prefer to use. Crystal Pal is decent if you’re fond of repositioning your crystals, but we think that Fire Fluff is a superior choice if you truly want to lock off a part of a platform.