How to play Salmon Run co-op with friends in Splatoon 3

It’s better with friends.

Image via Nintendo

Other than when you are playing through the single-player story mode, Splatoon 3 is a game that is best enjoyed with friends. As opposed to the previous game, we finally have a party system that allows you to jump into multiplayer matches with a friend instead of joining them during a session and hoping you get put on their team. The same is true for Salmon Run, which has now been made a permanent addition to the game. Here is how to play Salmon Run with your friends in Splatoon 3.

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How to start a party with friends for Salmon Run in Splatoon 3

Before you can play Salmon Run with your friends in Splatoon 3, you first need to unlock the mode by reaching level four and then complete the tutorial by talking to Mr. Grizz inside Grizzco. Once you get through all of the onboarding stuff, you will be able to play with your friends.

After you and your friends have finished the tutorial, you can play with them similarly to how you do it in the regular pre-game lobby. Start by entering Grizzco and pull up the Match Menu by pressing L. At the bottom left of the screen will be the decider if you go into matchmaking, either Solo or With Friends. Use your d-pad to select With Friends.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Now, when you choose Freelance or Private Job, you will have a menu pop up letting you join any online friends. To start a room, press Y. Be sure to put a password if you want it. Like in the lobby, you can start your matchmaking whenever up to four friends join your room. You can send invites to your friends by holding Y on the room information page.

If you decide to do a Private Job, keep in mind that that will not work towards your progress in the game. Depending on your friend’s rank, you might also not gain much experience towards promotion if they are far below your rank.