How to power tackle in FIFA 23

Here’s how to do the hard slide and strong standing tackles.

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Defending in FIFA 23 can be difficult, and if you’re looking for tips, we can recommend the occasional use of the game’s two “power tackle” moves. The strong standing tackle is much the same as in previous FIFA games, but the hard slide tackle is a new addition. Both carry higher risk of committing fouls, getting booked, and getting sent off than their softer counterparts. But both also combine tackling the opponent while clearing the ball, meaning that the risk of losing possession in a dangerous position immediately following the tackle is much reduced. It’s not a good idea to use either power tackle unless your goal is really under threat, and you should never use them when chasing an opponent with the ball. Always approach from the front or the side, and always aim for the ball not the player.

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How to do a hard slide tackle in FIFA 23

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To perform a hard slide tackle, hold R1/RB and press Circle/B. This is assuming you’re using default control configuration. If you’re not, then hold whatever button you also use for driven ground passes and agile dribbles, with whatever button you use for slide tackling. Your player will go to ground and kick hard with the lead foot. If it makes contact with the ball, then they’ll kick it with power, probably out of touch. If it makes contact with the opposing player before the ball (or misses the ball completely), then you’re likely to get a yellow card, if not a red. So use this tackle with caution.

How to do a strong standing tackle in FIFA 23

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To perform a strong standing tackle in FIFA 23, hold Square/X (or whatever your tackle button is) when approaching the opponent with the ball from in front or from the side. If you do this from behind, then you’ll pull or push the opponent, and this is more likely to result in a foul. You only need to hold the button for a second or so, and you’ll probably accidentally perform a strong tackle sometimes when you get a bit over-excited and “tap” the button more firmly than you intended. The strong standing tackle isn’t much different to the regular one but, as with the hard slide tackle, your player will kick the ball away rather than trying to take possession of it.