How to Power the Glyph and complete the Totems encounter in King’s Fall Raid in Destiny 2

Get through the door.

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The Totems encounter is the first big mechanics-heavy hurdle you will go through in the King’s Fall Raid in Destiny 2. Here, your objective is to Power the Glyph and open the door to battle against Oryx’s forces. In addition, you must coordinate with your Fireteam throughout the encounter, ensuring everyone stays on point and understands their duty to progress. This guide covers how you Power the Glyph and complete the Totems encounter in King’s Fall Raid in Destiny 2.

How the Totems Encounter works in King’s Fall Raid

When you enter the area, there will be multiple acolytes worshipping in front of a door in an arena with two identical sides. Your team will need to split up into groups of three, with two people from those groups taking the platforms overlooking the acolytes, and one person down the hallway, standing on a Totem. There will be a brand on the Totems the person below can interact with to start the encounter, but you can shoot any acolyte, or get too close to them, to start the encounter.

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When the encounter starts, the two people on the platform will find a Wizard appearing from the doorway. Defeat the Wizard, and then a Blightguard Knight will appear. Defeat the Knight, and it will drop a Brand orb. One person from the group on the platform designated as a runner will need to take the orb down the hallway to the person standing on the Totem. The one standing on the platform will want to take out any enemies they see coming through the large door to assist those standing on the Totem.

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The person standing on the Totem will have an aura protecting them known as the Brand of the Weaver. While standing on the Totem and killing enemies, this player will get stacks of Deathsinger’s Power, and the Brand of the Weaver buff will be counting down. The person who took the Brand orb from the upper platform and has run down to the Totem can steal that buff from the other person, and they will want to do this before the buff runs out of time. The Brand of the Weave lasts for 30 seconds.

When they swap buffs, the person standing there and gaining Deathsinger’s Power will need to return to the center of the arena. They will release their stacks there, powering up the door. These stacks will take time to drop off, so plan to stay here for a while. After releasing those stacks, they can go back up to the platform, grab the Brand orb from the Blightguard Knight, and then run back down to the Totem. Everyone will want to continue this process to complete the encounter.

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Roughly on the third or fourth run, an Unstoppable Ogre will appear in the center arena. Those taking out the Wizards and Blightguards will want to use unstoppable weapons to stun and defeat this foe.

You will need to continue to run through this rotating process until your team has collected 100 Deathsinger’s Power and stood on the middle Totem to charge the door. You can watch the progress by observing the glowing glyphs on the side of the door, and when they reach the top, the encounter has been completed.

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We recommend that those standing on the platforms have a Sword or a Machine Gun against the Knight to quickly take them out so the runners can effortlessly grab the Brands and rush down to the Totem. The Wizard that appears at the door will also have a shield over it, and if you can use a weapon that can match its shield, you can dispatch it much faster.

Don’t be surprised if someone who starts at the top platforms has to swap with a runner and rush to the bottom to Steal the Brand. You will want to communicate with your team regarding how many stacks of Deathsinger’s Power you have, as this means you have to stand on the center Totem longer to power the door.