How to pre-order Elden Ring – Versions, bonuses, release date

How can you reserve your copy?

Official Website Claims Elden Ring Is Releasing in June

Eldin Ring has been shrouded in mystery following Bandai Namco initially announced it amid 2019’s E3 event. Yet, it has a lot going for it. FromSoftware is developing it, the creative team behind the Dark Souls series and Bloodbourne, alongside Hidetaka Miyazaki, creator of the Dark Souls game, and the story is being developed with George R. R. Martin, the creator of the Game of Thrones series.

There are a lot of heavy hitters behind this title. Miyazaki calls the game a “natural evolution” from the Dark Souls franchise, and it will be the team’s largest game to date. Fans cannot wait to delve into the treacherous waters of Elden Ring and find themselves locked within its inevitable poison swamp level.

Pre-order details and release date

Unfortunately, Elden Ring does not have any pre-order or release dates at this time. The game has been up in the air in terms of announcements. There’s plenty of speculation on Reddit regarding the game’s plot, world, and why it’s taking so long to learn anything. The truth of the matter is players have no idea what direction Elden Ring will take, other than it is remarkably similar to the Dark Souls franchise.

There has been a leak from an Italian source during a video, Il Fossa states the release date for Elden Ring may happen around spring 2021. It was originally meant to release sometime in summer 2020, but that never happened. Regardless, the release date is purely speculative, and we won’t know more details until FromSoftware or Bandai says otherwise.

Because we have yet to receive any additional information about Elden Ring’s gameplay, any expected release dates, or anything beyond a simple trailer, we can expect to see it arrive for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. We’ll be thoroughly updating this guide with relevant information. We can also expect to have more information for the various types of pre-order bundles players can pick. Knowing Miyazaki, he wants fans to receive a magnificent statue of a notable character in Elden Ring. It’ll cost a reasonable amount, though, and then some fans only want to purchase the base with a few pre-order additions, and that’s perfectly fine.