How to Preorder Hogwarts Legacy for Nintendo Switch

After a long wait, Nintendo Switch fans can finally preorder Hogwarts Legacy for the console, and here’s how to do it

Hogwarts Legacy Switch Preorder

Image via Portkey Games

Wizarding World fans on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms have been able to play Hogwarts Legacy since earlier this year. Gamers who prefer Nintendo Switch as their primary console, however, have been waiting for the game to finally release for this platform.

After the release date was pushed back a few times, it seems that November 14th is the one that finally stuck. Nintendo recently announced that Hogwarts Legacy is now available for preorder. If you’re wondering how to preorder Hogwarts Legacy for Nintendo Switch, we’ve got you covered.

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How To Preorder Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch Using Nintendo eShop

Nintendo eShop
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Preording games like Hogwarts Legacy on your Nintendo Switch is relatively straightforward, with just a few basic steps to follow.

First, you’ll want to boot up your Switch console and head to the Nintendo eShop. This is represented by a little button with a shopping bag icon at the bottom of the homepage screen.

You’ll be prompted to confirm who is using the Nintendo eShop if your Nintendo Switch has more than one account. Be sure to select the account you’ll be using when you play Hogwarts Legacy at this stage so your content goes to the right user on release day.

Click into the account you plan to use, at which point the store will load the “Featured” page in the Nintendo eShop. It’s possible you’ll see Hogwarts Legacy front and center at this step, in which case you can scroll over to click on the game and begin the preorder process from there.

If you don’t see the game in the featured list, you’ll need to click on the “Search/Browse” option and type in Hogwarts Legacy to search for it. Once you see the Hogwarts Legacy game logo with the little green “pre-order” banner, click on it to go to the next step.

This will take you to the pre-order screen, where you’ll be able to purchase your game. You’ll have the option to read about the game and scroll through screenshots of gameplay. At the righthand side of the screen you should see a button with the words “Proceed to Pre-order.” Click on this to move on to the payment stage.

Here, you’ll get information about when you will be charged for your pre-order (one week before the game comes out). If you’re comfortable with this, select “Next” and hit the A button to confirm. You will then be able to purchase your preordered game using the payment method you have on file. If this is your first time making a purchase through the Nintendo eShop, you’ll first need to add payment information.

If you have Nintendo Points in the e-store, you can apply them to your pre-order from this screen as well, by selecting “redeem points.”

On this screen, you’ll also see some additional details about Nintendo’s preorder policies. You will need to hit “Confirm Pre-order” again on this page in order to finalize your purchase, so make sure you don’t skip this step!

If your preorder is successful, you’ll see a screen thanking you for your order. You should also receive an email with additional details to the address you have on file for your Nintendo eShop account. At this point, you’re good to go until release day on November 14th, when your preorder should automatically download when you turn on your Nintendo Switch.

How to Preorder Hogwarts Legacy on Switch using My Nintendo Store Online

Nintendo Store Online Hogwarts Legacy
Screenshot via Gamepur

If you prefer, you can also preorder Hogwarts Legacy for Nintendo Switch using the My Nintendo website on a computer or tablet. To use this method, make sure you know the login information for the Nintendo account on the Switch for which you’re buying the game. Then, go to the Nintendo Store.

From the main page, go to the search bar at the top of the screen. Click on the dropdown that is set to “All Categories” and select “Games.” Once you’ve done this, type in Hogwarts Legacy and hit enter. This will pull up all available versions of the game that you can preorder.

Choose between the Deluxe Edition and the standard game, depending on your preference. Click on the version you want to purchase. This will take you to a page where you can review the game details and click the big red “Pre-Order” button. If you haven’t already logged in with your Nintendo Account, you’ll be prompted to do so at this stage.

At this point, you will review your order and add/change your payment method. Finally, you’ll be prompted to confirm your purchase and receive a confirmation that your game was preordered.

Regardless of whether you use the eShop on your device or log in to the Nintendo Store from a browser, you’ll be able to preorder Hogwarts Legacy for your Nintendo Switch and get ready for a magical release day.