How to pull the goalie in NHL 23

Getting short on time?

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If you need a late goal to even up the score in NHL 23, an option at your disposal is to pull your goalie. By doing this, you can add an extra skater to the ice and give yourself a man advantage out on the ice. However, this will leave the net empty, thus making it a risk best left until the end of the game. How can NHL 23 players pull the goalie in this year’s game? Let’s go over the controls, plus some tips that you should know.

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How to pull the goalie in NHL 23

Here are the controls you need to know for pulling the goalie in NHL 23. For the Xbox family of consoles, press LB + View in order to remove the goalie from the cage. For PlayStation users, hit L1 + Share to pull the goalie. If, for some reason, you want to remove the extra skater from the ice and return the goalie, just press those same buttons again.

You’ll need to keep in mind a few things regarding pulling the goalie in NHL 23. For one, you won’t need to pull the goalie if the other team is on the ice for a delayed penalty. When a penalty is taken, the game will automatically pull your goalie, and add an extra skater out on the ice that will remain until the play is blown dead.

Second, goalies can be pulled at any time during a game. However, it’s very important not to do so until necessary. Depending on how much you are behind, it’s probably a good idea to pull the goalie around the final 2-3 minutes of the game if you are losing and need one or two goals to tie the game up.