How to put a contract on someone in the Mafia in BitLife

They’re sleeping with the fishes.

Image via Candywriters

Do you have someone in your BitlLife Mafia organization who is causing you trouble or is not putting in enough time to provide improvements? You might have to put a contract out on them, which means you won’t be seeing much of them any time soon. To place a contract out on a character in your Mafia family, you’ll need to complete a few requirements.

The first thing you’ll need to do is have a high enough notoriety and respect with several of the Mafia members. The more of these family members on your side, the more chances you’ll have of someone willing to step forward to do the deed for you. That’s the thing about putting a contract out on someone in your Mafia. You won’t be the one doing it. You’ll have to ask someone else to do it, which means you’ll need to also be of high enough standing to make sure that you have people willing to listen to you. Make sure to have worked with the family for several years and earned a promotion or two.

After that, you’ll be able to pick one of the members of the family to place a contract on. You’ll want to do it against those who are not widely liked in the family, and potentially who many suspects to be a rat. Picking them out won’t be easy, but it’ll be someone not everyone in the family likes.

When you’ve chosen your target, tap on them in the Mafia organization screen, and choose to place a contract on them. Someone in the family will step forward to take them out for you, and won’t be hearing from them again. It’s a good way to move up in the organization if you can target someone who is higher up than you, or a good way to remove lower-ranked members who are not pulling their weight.