How to qualify for FUT Champions in FIFA 23

Here’s how to earn Qualification Points.

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FUT Champions (FUT Champs) is the most competitive multiplayer mode in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team (FUT). You can get some of the best rewards in the game by competing in FUT Champions, but before you can compete, you have to qualify, and that takes time, skill, and effort.

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How to qualify for FUT Champs in FIFA 23

In order to qualify for FUT Champions, you have to earn a set number of Qualification Points. This number can vary from season to season, but in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Season 1, it’s 1250 Qualification Points. To earn Qualification Points, you have to play Division Rivals matches. You don’t have to win those Division Rivals matches, but you’ll get a lot more Qualification Points if you do.

The number of Qualification Points you earn for a win, draw, or loss in Division Rivals goes up as you get promoted to higher divisions, as does the number of Qualification Points you get at the end of each week. The table below shows the Qualification Point rewards for each result and division.


If you’re starting from scratch, then you’re going to have to play a lot of matches in order to qualify for FUT Champions. Even if you’re really good, and win consistently, it’s going to take at least 35 matches or so. However, if you manage to reach the higher divisions in Division Rivals, you should be able to qualify for FUT Champions every week without having to put too much time in.