How to quickly climb and slide down ladders in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Save time on ladders with this easy but hidden tip.


Screengrab via Square Enix

In the original Final Fantasy VII, climbing up and down ladders was one of the most time-consuming activities in the game, but one that was necessary for any progress. As the game had a large element of verticality, climbing up and down ladders to get through the massive sets was something that you simply had to grit your teeth and bear.

Inevitably, ladders form a big part of the exploration in Final Fantasy 7 Remake too, but Square Enix has made a small but excellent quality-of-life improvement to them as Cloud and company can now traverse them at a much greater speed.

Climbing up ladders can now be done at normal speed or with pace, and climbing down can be done almost instantly by sliding down them. This means that when it comes to time-specific challenges, like the first mission where you must escape a Mako reactor, you’ll be thankful that it exists.

In order to climb ladders faster, simply begin your ascent, and the press the dash button, which is completed by simply pushing in on the left analog stick. This will cause whoever it is that you’re in control of to get a move on up the ladder more swiftly, so long as you’re holding up on the analog stick. Similarly, if you want to slide down the ladder rather than step down, you can do so by pressing the dash button while you are holding down to climb down. It will start a sliding animation and continue while you continue to hold down on the left analog stick.

This should work on every ladder In the game, so no more spending all of your time going up and down ladders at a snails pace.

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