How to rank up Custom Delivery clients in Final Fantasy XIV

Make your clients happy and rank them up.

Custom Delivery clients in Final Fantasy XIV each have their own unique stories. You unlock these stories as you turn in the items they request every week. After unlocking Custom Deliveries for your crafters and gatherers, you’ll meet these clients around the world. Completing their story quests can be quick, or it might take you a little longer, depending on how happy you make each client.

Turn in collectible items that will satisfy your client

Turning in items to clients helps to rank them up, plain and simple. But this is just the bare minimum. When confirming the requested items each week, pay special attention to the Collectability rating at the bottom. There are tiers of satisfaction with the clients, with the lower tiers offering fewer rewards and the higher tiers offering more rewards. The icon with the hands denotes the satisfaction you’ll achieve, in addition to the listed amounts of gil, scrips, and experience points.

Try to turn in items at the highest Collectability rating, earning you the most rewards. As you fill up your client’s satisfaction level, you’ll rank them up, unlocking more of their backstory. Besides the lore details about the NPC, you’ll also receive additional rewards for these quests, usually food and materia. Completing these quests ranks your clients up. If you always aim for the highest satisfaction levels, you’ll finish these quests in no time. But if you don’t achieve higher satisfaction levels, it will take a little longer to rank everyone up. You can confirm your clients’ ranks in the Timers menu, under the Custom Deliveries tab.

As an extra reward for ranking up, some clients will allow you to glamour their clothes. You can customize their appearance however you want. When speaking to the NPC, select the option to cast glamours on them, which will take you to a screen where you can preview the look before finalizing your selection. Not everyone will let you change their clothes, though. Zhloe Aliapoh, Kai’Shirr, Adkiragh, and Kurenai are among the clients who offer this option.