How to Read the Communist Manifesto in BitLife

What are you reading?

Image via Candywriter

There are several books you can read in BitLife. One of the more notable choices you can select is the Communist Manifesto. If you’re looking to complete this for a particular challenge, such as The V Challenge, in BitLife, here’s what you need to do to read the Communist Manifesto and finish the task.

The only way to read the Communist Manifesto is to have it appear in your book selections. You can find your book selections underneath the Activities tab, in the Mind & Body category. From there, you’ll have the option to read a book, and every time you choose to read a book, there will be several options available for you. The Communist Manifesto should be one of those choices. However, it won’t always be there for you to read. So there’s a chance you won’t see it.

If you don’t see the Communist Manifesto in BitLife, you can only do Age Up and wait for it to appear next time. Of course, reading books like that is entirely random, so you’ll want to see if it appears next year. Unfortunately, there’s no way to game it. Alternatively, you can immediately close out the application and try to see if it shows up again, ensuring you don’t waste your Age Up chances with your character.

After you have the chance to read the book, you’ll need to tap the pages until you thoroughly read it. You have to tap your screen to read the entire book, so that can be a little tiring.