How to recharge the flashlight in Five Night’s at Freddy’s: Security Breach

Keep your flashlight charged at all times.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The flashlight is one of the important tools you will find throughout the pizzaplex. It is needed to be able to see in dark areas and can even save your life in certain situations. It is important to always keep your flashlight charged or you may fall victim to the things that lurk in the darkness. Here is how you recharge your flashlight in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach.

How to get the flashlight

You will get the flashlight as part of the story. After obtaining the Daycare Pass, you will need to travel through the daycare to reach Freddy. When you get down into the play area, you will meet Sunflower and Moondrop. When the lights go out, you will find the flashlight in a nearby wall fixture that is shaped like Freddy’s head. Be careful, Moondrop is on the prowl.

How to recharge the flashlight

To recharge your flashlight, you will need to find a Freddy head-shaped box like the one you found the flashlight in. Once you do, hold X if you are using an Xbox controller, square if you are using a Playstation controller, or the E key if you are using a mouse and keyboard. You should see a circle begin to fill up to show how much longer the flashlight needs to charge. Taking it off early will still charge the flashlight, but it won’t be fully charged.