How to recruit Gray as a hero in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Ashenpelt Gray joins the fray.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 features a large cast consisting of six party members. However, you can also find and recruit hero characters that can occupy the seventh and final slot of your active party. These characters come with a unique class, and they are powerful allies. This guide will explain how to find and recruit Gray in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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Where to find Gray in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Heroes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 can only be discovered after you recruit Valdi and complete the chapter 2 main quest called The Kind Right Hand. Once this quest is complete, you will be able to climb special walls located around the open world of Aionios. To find Gray, you must head to the location pictured below.

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Fast travel to the Kamos Guidepost landmark, and head northeast until you reach the pink moss wall. Climb this wall to reach the plateau above. Head to the marker above and search for a bright blue light surrounded by enemies. As you approach the item, a cutscene will begin playing.

How to recruit Gray as a hero In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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This will begin a hero quest called A Gray Matter. Shortly after the cutscene ends, you will be thrown into a battle against Gray himself. This is a tough battle, as Gray is a level 26 Attacker with a devastating area of effect special moves. He uses a unique Attacker class called Full Metal Jaguar.

In the fight against Gray, bring three healers and two tanks. This will help your team stay alive through his various group attacks. When you knock his health down to half, the fight will come to an abrupt end. Another short story sequence plays out. You will then be thrust into another battle against a small group of Keves soldiers. After defeating them, you must jump off the cliff to the beach below to pursue Gray.

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You must follow a series of gold footprints that run alongside the river in Millick Meadows. Follow his path and avoid running into monsters along the way. After heading downstream, you will find Gray waiting for you. After another cutscene plays, you will be attacked by Keves forces. This is a short fight, as Gray will help out. Use the same party composition you used against him, and this fight should be over with relative ease.

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Once the fight is over, Gray will formally introduce himself to your group. Once the introductions are over, Gray will agree to join your party as a playable Hero.

Recruiting Gray will also instantly reward Eunie with the Full Metal Jaguar Attacker class. This class utilizes dual guns to damage groups of enemies at a time. Head to the area above and bring a high-level team to find and recruit Gray in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.