How to fast travel/skip travel in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Grab some friends and skip town.

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Skip travel is Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s in-game term for fast travel. The world of Aionios is comprised of massive zones filled to the brim with places to see and things to find. The sheer walking distance required to trek back and forth will add hours to your playthrough unless you take advantage of skip travel. This guide will break down how to fast travel in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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How fast travel works in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Xenoblade is a series with its own terms for many staple features seen in RPGs. Fast travel is known as Skip Travel inside of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Despite the name change, it functions exactly as its name implies. Skip Travel doesn’t require special items or currency, but it comes with some caveats.

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The setting of Aionios is full of things to see and do in its massive open world. This world is comprised of large zones, each containing several locations you can use to fast travel to.


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Landmarks are the most common fast travel point in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. You can find them by exploring the environment and running towards any points of interest. Look for rivers, isolated caves, or unique structures such as ruins. The chances are, if it looks interesting, it’s a landmark. Once a landmark is discovered, you can use it as a fast travel point. Each region contains several landmarks that you can find.

Rest Spots

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Rest Spots are locations that allow your party to access several functions. You can craft Gems, cook food, and earn bonus experience in a Rest Spot. Rest Spots are usually found by looking for a plume of smoke from abandoned firepits. Once a Rest Spot is discovered, you can fast travel to it.

Named Grave

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Named Graves are left behind after you encounter and defeat a Unique Monster. These are world bosses and the most difficult challenge to overcome in Xenoblade. After they are defeated, a statue will mark their grave. These graves can be reactivated for multiple fights and become fast travel points.

Colonies and Secret Areas

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Colonies are this game’s version of towns. Each Colony contains sidequests, Rest Spots, and new people to speak to. Each Colony you visit will unlock itself as a fast travel location. Secret Areas are similar to landmarks but are usually harder to find. Once you discover one, you can travel to them just like everything else on this list.

These places of interest are how you can take advantage of fast travel in this big world. You can’t use Skip Travel if you’re in combat or when the main story prevents its use. Outside of those scenarios, take advantage of fast travel to make exploring Aionios a pleasure instead of a chore.