How to redeem promo codes in Final Fantasy XIV

Receive exclusive rewards.

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Every so often, you’ll receive a chance to turn in a promotion code for Final Fantasy XIV. Unfortunately, these promotions are only available for a limited time, so making sure you jump on those codes as quickly as possible is essential to receive those rewards. In this guide, we’re going to share what you need to do to redeem any promotional code you receive in Final Fantasy XIV.

You’ll need to make your way over to the Final Fantasy XIV Mogstation website. When you arrive on the login screen, you’ll need to make sure to input your Square Enix ID and the password for that account. Once you’re using the account, you want to redeem the promotion code, scroll down to the Registration Codes section, and click the Enter Item Code link.

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You then have to fill out the five blank spots to redeem your code when you arrive. The code entry typically requires four letters or numbers in each of the five boxes. If the code is still available, you should receive the item on your account. If you’re running into trouble, the code may have already been used, or you’re attempting to redeem it past the time the promotion was available. You can also reach out to the Final Fantasy XIV support center if you know the code is good and you’re encountering other issues.