How to repair items in Minecraft

Keep the items you need.

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In Minecraft, you’re only as good as your equipment. Your tools, armor, and weapons are your main source of gathering resources and protection against the harsh hostile mobs you will encounter. Getting the most out of them is how you achieve sustained success. Here is how you can repair your items in Minecraft and keep them for the long haul.

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How to repair items in Minecraft

There are a couple of different ways to repair items in Minecraft. The first is to enchant it with the Mending enchantment. This upgrade can be applied to any item with a durability meter and will make it so that item will slightly repair itself whenever you pick up an experience orb with the item equipped. This essentially can work to make your armor, weapon, or tool indestructible.

The second way to repair your items is either through using an Anvil or Grindstone. The difference between these two blocks is that Anvils can be used to enchant, repair, and name your items, while Grindstones only repair and disenchant. Place your item in one of the slots and then add a secondary item made of the same main resource or the same kind of item to repair it. For example, a Diamond Pickaxe can be repaired with either a Diamond or another Diamond Pickaxe. Whatever item you are using to repair that item will be used up in the process. You will also have to pay some experience levels to be able to repair your item.

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When deciding how to repair your item, we recommend first starting with trying to get a Mending Enchantment Book and putting that on it. If you do not have a spare Mending sitting around, we recommend using the Anvil so you can maintain your enchantments on it.