How to replenish Flasks in Elden Ring

Replenish your healing items or die.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Flasks are perhaps your most important item in Elden Ring. After all, you don’t want to go into battle without the item you rely on to replenish your health. But what happens when you run out of Flasks? Do you go run off to the nearest Site of Grace or do you hold out and fight till the end? Here is how you replenish your Flasks in Elden Ring.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are two ways to replenish your Flasks in Elden Ring; resting or killing enemies. Like any Souls game, you can visit your resting point (Site of Grace) to replenish your healing items. Whenever you rest at a Site of Grace, you will replenish both your HP and FP Flasks.

The other way you can refill your Flasks is by killing enemies. You won’t get anything for killing only a few enemies; however, you need to kill a lot. Whenever you take out an entire group of enemies (enemies gathered around one another in the same area), you will get one use of your Flask back. The game will notify you with a red mist that floats around you once all the enemies in an area are dead.