How to report a co-worker to HR in BitLife

Time to have an HR meeting about that one co-worker.

Image via Candywriter

Not everyone will get along with you at your job, and when things don’t always go your way, how you handle it can vary. Some people may want to handle it personally, but others have the chance to call in HR on a co-worker. How you do this is not a straightforward process. There’s no direct way to report to your HR in the game and point out a particular individual. You have to be a bit clever about how you report someone. For those attempting to complete the Karen Challenge, this task might seem a bit more difficult than the other ones. It works a lot like attempting to file a lawsuit against someone.

To report someone to HR, you need a reason for it. The reason can vary. The two of you can exchange words. The person might insult you, do something bad to you at work, or may even offer you drugs while on the job. Whatever happens, if a co-worker doesn’t like you, they may attempt to do something nasty to you. When that happens, go about your business, and then return to the job tab and report them.

More often than not, you’re going to run into the issue where you won’t be able to report someone to your HR. It’ll be annoying to find ways for people to argue with you, fight you at work, and even risky because your co-workers could also call HR against you, but once you find the right way to make someone angry without implicating yourself, you’re golden. A good way to go about this without HR on your back is to prank on them. It’ll lower their overall relationship and view towards you. Much like everything in this game, it’s pretty random, and the results do vary.

You can do this over and over again with multiple co-workers. You want to be careful to have a few friends on your side, such as the supervisor, but having multiple co-workers, not like you, is not the end of the world.