How to reroll in Tower of Fantasy

Not the easiest dice game.

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Tower of Fantasy, as a gacha game, offers no guarantee that you’ll get everything you want on either the first or fiftieth time you roll for new characters, but there are systems in place to give you a few early choices to build your team. The game comes with a pity mechanic for some of its gacha mechanics, but you might get shafted anyway, so rerolling will allow you to optimize your set early on so you can spend time mix-maxing from the start. Sadly, enrolling isn’t the cleanest process, so follow this guide to make it as easy as possible.

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Rerolling in Tower of Fantasy

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There is no quick and dirty way to reroll in Tower of Fantasy. Once you receive your first guaranteed SSR (the highest rarity) Weapon at 30 Gold Nuclei gacha pulls, you have a decision to make: do you want to keep it? If not, it’s time to reroll. Here’s how that’s done:

  • Make a new account: Yes, rerolling requires an entirely new account, as you need to completely reset your RNG. You’ll need a new email address and username each time, so set up dummy accounts until you get the Weapon set you want.
  • Complete the introduction quest: The gacha system isn’t available as soon as you boot up a new account. Instead, you need to complete the Ecological Station Intruders tutorial section, at which point you can start pulling. Make sure you collect all the Rewards, Backpack, and Mailbox items to have as many materials as possible.
  • Start pulling: You have two choices at this point: only pull up to 30 Gold Nuclei Standard Banners, or take a little longer and pull the 80 Banner pity Banner. At both of these breakpoints, you are guaranteed a new SSR character. You’ll likely be able to pull the 30 Banner early on, as new accounts have easy access to Gold Nuclei. The 80 Banner will take you another hour or so, as you’ll need to do some exploration to collect the additional Nuclei required.
  • Reset, or don’t: Depending on which character you got in your 30 and 80 Standard Banners, now’s the time to choose whether to actually reroll. If you didn’t manage a character like Samir, KING, Meryl, or Cocoritter, you’ll probably want to start this whole process again, as those characters’ Weapons are ideal no matter where you are in the game. Once you have the character(s) you want, bind the email account you used to another service you frequently use, like Twitter, Facebook, or Google, so you have an easy way to log in.

If you choose to only reroll the 30 Gold Nuclei pity banner, the whole reroll process should take about 30 minutes or so. The 80 Gold Nuclei will take you at least another hour or more. While this might seem like a cumbersome process, getting the Weapon you want early will save you a lot of heartache later, as the game gets increasingly demanding as you progress.