Reroll guide for Zenless Zone Zero
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Zenless Zone Zero Reroll Guide – How To Reroll Characters

Some people are willing to go the mile when it comes to pulling their favorite ZZZ agent.

Rerolling is one of the most frustrating aspects of the Gacha game. The desire to want a specific character often outweighs the time and effort needed to pull this off. But if you’re a die-hard HoYoverse fan like us, you know that all the effort is worth it after finally getting your hands on that one agent you longed for. Well, allow me to teach you how to reroll in Zenless Zone Zero in this guide.

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Rerolling In Zenless Zone Zero

First things first, I have to give you a fair warning. This method is very time-consuming and you may get frustrated at times. However, if you’re willing to bear it all like a champ, you’ll definitely get your favorite agent at the start of your adventure in Zenless Zone Zero.

HoYoverse Login and Sign up Screen In Zenless Zone Zero
Source: HoYoverse via Gamepur
  1. Create a new email address. The easier way is to simply generate a quick email from a temporary email service online.
  2. Use the new email to create a new HoYoverse account for Zenless Zone Zero and set it up.
  3. Play through the tutorial and progress through the game until you’ve unlocked Signal Search and your free summons. This will take you around 35-40 minutes to do. Trust me, you will get quicker on multiple reroll attempts.
  4. Use your summons and try to roll for the agent you want. If you got it, you’re one lucky person. If your luck situation is like mine and you didn’t get the agent you wanted, log out and start from step one.

You’ll need to rinse and repeat this until you finally get the agent you want. I won’t sugarcoat it one bit and just say it, it’s a crazy amount of work. However, it depends on how badly you want an agent in Zenless Zone Zero to reroll for it multiple times.

Is Rerolling the Best Way to Get Characters/Agents?

Rerolling is definitely not the best way to get characters in Zenless Zone Zero, but it’s a sure way indeed. Do pay attention to the special banners that have exclusive agents on them to decide whether you want to roll for it or a beginner banner instead. As a word of advice, we suggest that you only try rerolling for a set amount of time and stop before frustration kicks in.

If luck doesn’t pan out, it’s definitely not the end of the world. You can instead focus your attention on progressing through the story, enjoying the combat and unlocking characters that way. You’ll also be accumulating summons along the way so you can use them in one go to try and roll for a specific agent.

We wish you luck in rerolling your desired agents in Zenless Zone Zero. We’ve also created a Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo tier list to help you decide which ones to take with you in combat. If you want to give your game’s performance a boost, I suggest checking out our Best Zenless Zone Zero settings guide for PC.

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