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Ranking all Zenless Zone Zero's Bangboos
Source: HoYoverse via Gamepur

Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo Tier List – Ranking All Bangboos

These Pokémon looking critters actually serve a purpose other than being walking merch advertisement

Zenless Zone Zero is already getting players hyped with its cool characters and Bangboos are the cutest of the bunch. These little creatures are dressed in different attires/uniforms which also is an indication of their name. They are companions or assistants for Proxies in the Hollows to help them avoid the corruption of the hollow fast. These Bangboos will support players in battle hence we’ve come up with this Bangboo tier list to help you decide which ones to pull in Zenless Zone Zero.

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Ranking All Bangboos In Zenless Zone Zero Tier List

Source: HoYoverse/TierMaker via Gamepur
SAmillion, Safety, Butler, Bangvolver, Exploreboo, Resonaboo
AStarterboo, Sharkboo, Rocketboo, Plugboo, Booressure, Devilboo
BAvocaboo, Cryboo, Luckyboo, Boollseye, Electroboo, Penguinboo
CPaperboo, Sumoboo, Magnetiboo, Bagboo

You’ll find several Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero, either as NPCs in quests or as companions to recruit. The center of attention is the combat Bangboos who either attack enemies with the players or boost various stats in battle.

Which are the Best Banboos in Zenless Zone Zero?

Since we’ve ranked them all in the Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo tier list, let’s briefly talk about their role so you can decide which ones might be worth getting for you.

S-Tier Bangboos

  • Amillion: Provides support with cannons and machine guns if there’s an agent from Cunning Hares in the team
  • Safety: Deals high physical damage to enemies. It gets a chain damage boost of 40% if there’s an agent from Belobog Heavy Industries on the team.
  • Butler: Generates energy for the player and another 20% bonus energy if there’s an agent from Victoria Housekeeping Co. on the team. Also deals physical damage with its frying pan and pancakes.
  • Bangvolver: Deals high physical damage with its guns and pairs well with a DPS-focused team. Players get 100% increased anomaly buildup when there are two physical attribute characters in the team.
  • Exploreboo: Can recover HP, generate shield, or increase energy regen based on its stats. Having a support character in the team buffs its HP recovery and shield generation by 30% while energy regen is increased by 0.06 pts.
  • Resonaboo: Pulls together scattered enemies in a designated spot and deals high Ether Anomaly damage.

A-Tier Bangboos

  • Starterboo: Directs a racecar at enemies which inflicts physical damage, and Dazes all enemies while launching smaller ones. With 2 physical attribute agents on the team, it inflicts an additional 80% Anomaly buildup and launches an extra racecar on every third use.
  • Sharkboo: Puts trap under enemies that bite and summon torpedos that deal ice damage and ice Anomaly buildup. With two ice attribute agents on the team, traps do 80% increased Anomaly buildup and follow enemies until they’re trapped.
  • Rocketboo: Launches a rocket at enemies dealing fire damage and fire Anomaly buildup. With two fire attribute agents in the team, it does 80% increased Anomaly buildup.
  • Plugboo: Deals high electrical damage to enemies in the vicinity. Does more damage with electric attribute agents in the squad.
  • Booressure: Creates Ether bubbles that generate energy for players. With one support character in the team, generates an additional 60% energy for characters off-field.
  • Devilboo: Shoots homing bullets at enemies while flying dealing Ether damage and Ether Anomaly buildup. With two Ether attribute characters on the squad, it deals 40% more Anomaly buildup. It can also fire 3 homing bullets as a chain attack.

B-Tier Bangboos

  • Avocaboo: Can recover players’ HP by shooting juice bullets that become puddles on the ground. With one support character, can heal 20% more HP.
  • Cryboo: Launches bomb at enemies dealing fire damage. With two fire attribute agents in the team, can inflict a 120% increased Anomaly buildup. Can also inflict fire Anomaly buildup.
  • Luckyboo: Deals physical damage by attacking enemies with coins. With 2 physical attribute agents in the team, it does a 40% increase in Anomaly buildup with attack duration increased by 1 second.
  • Boollseye: Deals physical damage to enemies by throwing darts. Having 1 Pierce-type agent in your team can boost its attack damage by 30%. It can also launch itself towards enemies and deal damage with multiple slashes.
  • Electroboo: Electrocutes targets dealing electric damage. With 2 electric-type agents in your squad, it can inflict 120% increased Anomaly buildup.
  • Penguinboo: Deals ice damage to enemies with its ice blades. Having 2 ice attribute characters in your squad can boost its Anomaly buildup to 120%.

C-Tier Bangboos

  • Paperboo: It basically uses Snake’s technique and camouflages itself in a cardboard box. If enemies attack it in this state or the skill duration ends, it attacks enemies with an explosion dealing physical damage. Having at least 1 defense character in your squad will also let it generate shields for players.
  • Sumoboo: Lunges at enemies with a ground slam dealing physical damage. Inflicts 120% more daze to enemies if there’s 1 stun-type character in your squad.
  • Magnetiboo: Pulls in enemies and inflicts AOE damage. With physical attribute agents in the team, it can deal 30% more damage with its skill.
  • Bagboo: Deals high physical damage with its dual blades. With 1 attack-type character in your team, its damage is increased by 30%.

With that, I conclude the Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo tier list. This is all the information you need to know about Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero and how they rank in terms of usefulness. You’ll now have an idea of which Bangboos you should aim to get and which ones to ignore.

If you’ve just started playing Zenless Zone Zero, I using our best settings to optimize the game’s performance. We also have a ZZZ reroll guide if you want your desired agent early in the game.

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